I don’t think that there’s anything worse than being ordinary
— American Beauty

My search for a life less ordinary led to a path of self-discovery I had never imagined for myself. The love of new experiences combined with a sense of adventure, a genuine curiosity of people and an immaculate attention to details, led to a revelation of my true calling as a courtesan, providing companionship to esteemed patrons. Erudite and affectionate, I make the perfect companion!

You will find me to be very down-to-earth and endearingly sincere. I don't take myself too seriously. As Charles Dickens puts it succinctly, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor. I employ both endlessly in addition to my feminine wiles and warm smile. Witty, intelligent, caring and most of all, real. What's not to like? You were warned! 

A perfect lady in public but wildly uninhibited in private. People see me as a flirty ingenue, an intoxicating blend of playful charms and projected innocence but behind closed doors, I can be quite the naughty vixen!

My benefactors are very selective and often seek a deeper connection than the carnal kind. I am for those who appreciate the attention and affections of a bluestocking with looks to match her brains. Those who desire romance and intimacy without any entanglements. Those who are after a quality encounter, inside and outside the bedroom.

just a little more about myself...

A multi-faceted individual, I am the kind of girl you can't put into a box. My diverse interests and unusual outlook fascinate many. You will find me highly educated, well-read and articulate. I have an opinion on most things though I only offer it when solicited. An auto-didact and an intellectual foremost, I am fascinated by how things work. Google is my best friend. An avid reader and probably the sexiest nerd you would have come across!

Besides my geeky interests, I relish being outdoors and working up a sweat. I thrive in situations and tasks that require physical endurance, competing with others and a high degree of risk-taking. My rekindled interest in running has me pushing myself harder and faster. In the gym, I seek solace and yoga keeps me bendy for our bedroom antics. The rush from endorphins, be it from a solid work out or a good tumble in the hay, never fails to rejuvenate me.

During the day, I hold a respectable (read: boring) job as a corporate drone where I make love to spreadsheets and send crafty emails to my bosses, convincing them I'm working hard while actually exploiting my junior staff and interns. Despite my youth, dealing with clients and colleagues much older than myself  is an everyday occurence and I am perfectly at ease conducting myself amongst C-level executives. This is also a result of my upbringing as a global nomad throughout my childhood which imbued a high level of sociocultural adaptability. I get along with pretty much anybody! 

Even though I am good at my job, I can't help but feel very much stifled and unsettled. The ordinary life of an office slave is such a personality mismatch to my independent and thrill-seeking ways. My secret life as an after-hours courtesan provides an outlet for my mischievous and wanton streak which belies my innocent and youthful appearance. There is nothing more erotically exhilarating than ending the work day/week with a steamy hot date, wouldn't you agree?

© Courtesan Cara 2018