For our liaisons, I will visit you at your 4/5 star hotel or private residence. My schedule can be flexible to suit yours. Last minute availability for our rendezvous cannot be guaranteed so it's best to arrange our date in advance. However, I am happy to meet you if I am available.

I will be able to host incall dates from time to time in a luxury 5* hotel within the Marina Bay vicinity. Priority will be accorded to returning friends. Click here to arrange our meet. If you would like to be kept informed on future incall stays, feel free to subscribe to the mailing list below.


Friends who prearrange our date prior to the start of my incall stay enjoy $50 off for encounters below 2 hours and $100 off for engagements of 2 hours and beyond.

Please note that my compensation is strictly non-negotiable. Based on the frequency of our dates, I may decide to be more generous with my time. However, do note that this is done at my discretion and does not constitute an entitlement.

I have often been asked by my dates if they could get me a gift so I have compiled a list of items I would love receiving. Click here to find out more. Gifts are not necessary by any means! Your generosity is truly very much appreciated.

I do not 'watch the clock' and our time together will not be hurried. I take pride in being an excellent companion and in my books, there is nothing more tacky than ending a date abruptly. Nevertheless, please respect my time and we will get along just fine!

I would really appreciate it if you could prepare your donation beforehand. My preference would be for you to hand me the gift in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of our date. This should be done within the first 15 minutes. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with my appearance, you are free to cancel the date within the initial 15 minutes, no questions asked and no offence taken. I do not require any 'rejection fee' of sorts.


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