GENTLE REMINDER: Please check that your email address is entered correctly. Otherwise, I will not be able to send you a reply.

My preference for our initial correspondence is by text or Whatsapp, especially if you are enquiring about a same day appointment. You will receive a much faster reply than if you choose to email me or use the request form here. Do remember to include the relevant details when making a date :)

Please text me at +65 8110 5087. If you prefer using Whatsapp, I can be contacted at +852 9421 0040.

Let me know if you require any further clarifications and I will be happy to address them. I might have already answered them in the FAQ section so have a browse through.

Any correspondence that are rude or vulgar will not be acknowledged.

Do note that I will require a contactable number before confirming our date.

Discretion is essential and works both ways. Rest assured that great care is taken to ensure all information submitted will be kept confidential.

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