What can I expect from our encounter together?

I provide an intimate girl-friend experience (GFE) during our date and you can expect an unhurried, satisfying and memorable occasion. I am very-open minded and love to try new things. Please let me know if you would like something specific and I will try to accommodate to your request as best as I can. That being said, I believe in safe sex and do not and will not engage in unprotected sex. I go for regular medical check-ups and am not willing to compromise my health and safety. Neither should you.

The need for discretion is mutual. Rest assured that I know how to behave and dress appropriately. There is a big difference between sexy and smutty. While I like teasing your imagination, I would never be dressed in a skimpy attire in public. I would describe my style to be tastefully sexy. I can always change into something naughtier during our private moments if you desire.

Can you send a picture of your face?

No. Please see the next question below.

What happens if I decide that I do not want to proceed further upon meeting you?

That's a very valid concern, especially since my face is not revealed in my pictures. I'm sure you can understand my need for privacy and discretion. I consider myself to be pleasant-looking and have been described as very attractive. It is important to me that I represent myself as accurately as possible. Not doing so will just result in a waste of both our time. The pictures in my gallery were taken recently and any information about myself on this website is kept up to date. I am positive that you would have gotten a good idea of my personality not only from what you have read thus far but also through our correspondence.

If you are, in any way, unsatisfied with my appearance upon meeting me, do not hesitate to cancel our date. No question will be asked. I do not charge any 'cancellation fee'.  As you can see, it is in my best interest to represent myself accurately.

Can I meet you for drinks /coffee /dinner?

Sure! I would be delighted to join you upon request. However, please do take note that I will require compensation in accordance to my usual hourly rates for time spent together during drinks/coffee/dinner. Afterall, the reward is for my time and not services rendered. What you choose to do during our encounter, now, that is the question!

Do you do incall appointments?

I have decided to resume offering incall dates from time to time. Office work is such a drag and I need a little, nay, A LOT of excitement during the weekend to look forward to. The dates will be published at least a week in advance. If you would like to be notified of the next available incall dates, drop me a note at courtesancara@gmail.com or connect with me. 

Do you see couples? Do you do threesomes?

I truly enjoy meeting couples and have  great appreciation for the female form. I love the touch and taste of another woman. I am also more than happy to partake in a threesome.


Why, thank you for your generosity! I have curated a list of items that I could benefit from and you can find it here.


The ideal notice period is a day in advance. But if you don't have 24 hours notice, fret not! Due to the nature of your busy schedule, I understand that you might prefer something more spontaneous. Write to me and if my schedule allows for it, I would be glad to meet you.

Do you provide references for clients to other escorts?

Yes, I am happy to provide a reference to an escort of your choice if we have met in the last 6 months. However, I will need you to let me know before hand that you are using me as a reference. Please notify me BEFORE the escort gets in touch with me. If she asks me for a reference and you haven't told me about it, I will say that we have not met. This is for your own protection. Confirming a meet with an escort is a delicate matter and that information in the wrong hands can be very damaging for you. Discretion and confidentiality are of utmost importance, as you can imagine.

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